Wildflower Turf® Landscape 34 Turf

Rolls of turf sown with native wild flowers and grasses...
Unit: per sq.m.

Price: £16.80

per sq.m.


If you don’t want to wait for a wild flower area to develop from seed, why not lay some Wildflower Turf®?  Pre-sown with a minimum of 75% wild flowers and 25% grasses, the turf will either measure 0.64m x 1 metre = 0.64 square metres each or 0.77 x 1.625 metres = 1.25 square metres each.  These sizes are approximate.

Larger rolls are available which require machinery to move.

The cost per square metre is £16.80 for up to 30 sq.m. + delivery.  For 31 square metres or more the cost is £15.00/sq.m. + delivery.

Delivery costs (minimum £54.00) depend on the quantity ordered and the distance travelled.  It will be delivered on a pallet.  Please contact us if you would like a quote.

A large serrated knife, such as a bread knife, is good for cutting the turf to size. For further details of the species sown in the turf and any other information you require, please contact us.

The turf can sometimes look a bit bare and patchy on arrival but will soon develop into a lush meadow once the roots have reached down into the soil. It will initially require regular watering until it has established.

Other types of wildflower turf are also available, e.g. shade tolerant & roof.

To order the turf just contact us for a quote, saying how much you would like and what your postal code is.




Rolls of turf sown with native wild flowers and grasses...

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