Flowering Lawn Seed Mix

A range of grass and flower species...
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This wildflower seed mix includes a range of flower species which will flower at a relatively low height.

80% grasses and 20% wild flowers including the following species:

(Click on the species name to see a photograph)

Sow at 4 grams per m².

The area could be kept short for the winter months and allowed to grow from March to July (take a cut) and then August to September.

In addition, you could plant some plug plants of Common Dog Violet, Germander Speedwell, Red Clover and Small Scabious, and if it is a semi-shady site some Primroses.

Clearly, a wild flower lawn still has to be allowed to reach a reasonable height for these plants to flower.

The best time for sowing seed is Spring or Autumn.

Please read our seeding advice for important information on how to prepare, seed and maintain a wildflower area.


A range of grass and flower species...

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