Cornfield Annuals Seed Mix

Create a wonderful splash of colour in early summer...
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A cornfield annuals seed mix could be sown on a spare patch of bare soil you might have in your garden - or in addition to any of the perennial wild flower and grass seed meadow mixes for a wonderful splash of colour in the first year.

Best sown in Autumn or early Spring.

The cornfield annuals mix comprises the following species:

(Click on the species name to see a photograph)

No grasses are included.

This mix can be sown onto prepared soil any time in the Autumn or early Spring.  According to the time sown and other soil conditions, a different balance of the species will result.  If sown in Spring you tend to get Corn Chamomile and Corn Marigold dominating.  Cornfield annuals are quite happy on fertile soils.

Sow at a rate of between 1 and 2 grams per square metre.  (Can be 1g if sowing in addition to a meadow mix or 2g on its own.)

For a repeat showing the following year, allow the flowers to set seed, cut down in late summer (ideally with a scythe or, more noisily with a strimmer!) and remove the cuttings and then leave for a few weeks.  Any grass and perennial weeds that appear can then be removed by hand before you rotovate in the autumn, rake the soil and, possibly, sow some extra seed as well. Though there will probably be enough seed already present.

Take a look at our Seeding Advice page.


Create a wonderful splash of colour in early summer...

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