Bees and Insects Meadow Seed Mix

A mix which will attract bees and other insects...
Position: Sunny
Soil Type/Habitat: Nectar, Larval
Food source: April—September
Unit: for 100g

Price: £9.60

for 100g
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A mix which will attract a range of different bees, butterflies and other insects, such as this hoverfly, as the flowers and grasses will provide nectar and be a source of food for butterfly larvae.

80% grasses and 20% wild flowers including the following species:

(Click on the species name to see a photograph)


Sow at 4 grams per m².  Do not be tempted to sow seed at double the recommended seeding rate because the grasses tend to germinate first and then there will not be sufficient space for the flower species to get established.

Seed is best sown in Spring or Autumn.

Perennial seed mixes take some time to get established, so it can be a good idea to sow Cornfield Annuals seed at the same time to give some colour in the first year.

Do read our Advice  page for important information on how to prepare, seed and maintain a wildflower area.  100g of seed is sufficient for 25 square metres.




A mix which will attract bees and other insects...

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