Yellow Rattle

Yellow Rattle has toothed, paired leaves and small yellow flowers...
Latin name: Rhinanthus minor
Plant height: 20—50cm
Position: Sunny
Soil Type/Habitat: Dry
Flowering times: June—July
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Yellow Rattle is an annual plant that has toothed, paired leaves and small yellow flowers with minute violet markings on the upper lip.  It is hemi-parasitic on some grasses and is often sown in an attempt to weaken vigorous grass growth.

It is a most attractive flower and the seeds form in small capsules which rattle when shaken.

Yellow rattle can be sown as seed in the autumn months or planted in Spring as a plug plant - grown amongst suitable grass.

To prepare the area for planting, cut the existing grass/meadow down to about 5 cm before planting the Yellow Rattle, and then do not cut the area again until the Yellow Rattle plants have flowered and set seed.  Plant a good number together in patches, not just the odd one dotted around. These Yellow Rattle plug plants have been sown together with a meadow grass which acts as a host. It is best to plant them straight into the ground - do not pot them up first.

Available sometime in April until early June.  You can order now, but they will not be sent until April (please let us know if you will be away).

Minimum order of plug plants is 50, but it can be a mix of species.





Yellow Rattle has toothed, paired leaves and small yellow flowers...

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