Sea Campion

Sea Campion is similar to Bladder Campion but...
Latin name: Silene uniflora
Plant height: 40—80cm
Position: Sunny
Soil Type/Habitat: Dry
Food source: Nectar
Flowering times: May—July
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Sea Campion is similar to Bladder Campion but forms mats of fleshy, narrow, waxy leaves with flowering and non-flowering shoots.  It is most attractive with its white flowers blowing in the sea breeze.

The latin name for Sea Campion is Silene uniflora - it used to be called Silene maritima - and it is found along the coast of most of Britain, growing on rocks, cliffs and shingle, but it can also be found growing beside fresh water on mountains, and also on inland open gravelly sites.

Bees are attracted to the flowers which grow on relatively long shoots and as they move in the breeze they attract pollinating insects (different sorts of bees, and the Silver-Y moth has been recorded on it in west Wales, and other insects).


Sea Campion is similar to Bladder Campion but...

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