A wonderful harbinger of Spring...
Latin name: Primula vulgaris
Plant height: 10—20cm
Position: Semi-shade
Soil Type/Habitat: Damp, Dry
Food source: Nectar, Larval
Flowering times: March—May
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The Primrose is an extremely popular flower which heralds the spring and the ending of winter.  Primroses grow to 15cm and will produce up to 20, yellow 5 petaled flowers from February up until May.  Mainly a plant that enjoys woodland and woodland edge, Primroses can also be found in damp semi-shaded or open grasslands.  Typically the wetter the climate the less shade the plant requires.  The Primrose is found in soils with a range of pH’s but not in very acidic or very alkali sites.

Primroses are rarely found in direct sunlight and are more common under dappled shade or on north facing slopes.  Lovely in an orchard or beside a hedge.

Primroses are pollinated at night by a wide variety of moths which are attracted by its petal colours.  The plant is a larval host plant for the Duke of Burgundy butterfly as well as a nectar source for Brimstone and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies.


A wonderful harbinger of Spring...

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