Oxeye Daisy

An essential plant for wild flower meadows.
Latin name: Leucanthemum vulgare
Plant height: 20—70cm
Position: Sunny
Soil Type/Habitat: Dry
Food source: Nectar
Flowering times: June—August
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The Oxeye Daisy is a tall, very common species, and is an extremely popular species of wild flower landscaping schemes. The flower head produced on the end of each stem is very akin to a common lawn daisy except around 5 or 10 times bigger.

The plant needs full sunlight and grows mainly in calcareous or neutral grasslands, while occasionally appearing in some heaths. The plant is very common on disturbed soils or banks, especially quarries and wastelands, in meadows and abandoned pastures. Ox-eye Daisy is found in pHs of 5 to 8 and in soils of low to moderate fertility.

The plant is a short lived perennial (approx. 5 years) and needs bare earth or disturbed sites for the population to sustain itself through second generation propagation.


An essential plant for wild flower meadows.

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