Corn Chamomile

Latin name: Anthemis arvensis
Plant height: 20-30cm
Position: Sun
Soil Type/Habitat: Dry
Food source: Nectar/Pollen
Flowering times: June-August
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Corn Chamomile is an annual flower that has a white daisy-like flower with a yellow centre and lightish green feathery leaves - smaller than an Oxeye Daisy.

It is usually found on arable land in England and Wales, particularly on chalky soils, and is also known as Field Chamomile or Mayweed.

As an annual, it will only reappear in the second year if there is sufficient bare soil for the seed to fall onto and germinate in the following autumn/spring - a useful plant to give colour in the first year of establishing a perennial wildflower area.

Liked by hoverflies and other insects.

Normally available late April to mid-May.


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