Common Poppy

Latin name: Papaver rhoeas
Plant height: 20—80cm
Position: Sunny
Soil Type/Habitat: Dry, light soils
Food source: Nectar
Flowering times: June—August
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The annual Poppy is known as the Common Poppy, Field Poppy or Corn Poppy and is a plant that everyone recognises with its delicate bright crimson red petals with a dark centre.  The stems are sometimes divided and usually hairy and it has deep green pinnately toothed leaves.

It is pollinated by many insects including bumble bees.  In the photo above you can see lots of hoverflies.

Although not the farmers' friend, it is a most attractive flower which completes its lifecycle in one year, but whose seed can remain viable in the ground for many decades, springing into life when the ground is disturbed in future years.  If planted into a grassy area you will not get flowers after the first year.  It needs open ground that is disturbed in the autumn for germination to take place.

Minimum order of plug plants is 50, but it can be a mix of species.

Annual plants are only available for a short period in the Spring. Will be despatched once ready, starting in mid-late April 2019.




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