A beautiful flower found throughout England and Wales...
Latin name: Stachys officinalis
Plant height: 20—50cm
Position: Sunny, Semi-shade
Soil Type/Habitat: Clay, Chalk, Loam
Food source: Nectar
Flowering times: June—September
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Betony is found throughout England and Wales but is generally absent from Scotland and Ireland. The flower is found on a range of sites including mildly acidic through to alkaline grasslands as well as woodland margins.

Betony is a slow growing, long-lived plant with red/purple flowers that are very attractive to bees and butterflies as a nectar source.

It can be used in shortish grass, in hedgerows and at the edge of woodlands.  The plant is highly tolerant of cutting and can thrive in spring/autumn and autumn cutting regimes.

 Available in May.


A beautiful flower found throughout England and Wales...

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