Spindle is an under-appreciated native shrub/tree...
Latin name: Euonymus europaeus
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Spindle has the most wonderful fruit in autumn - small vibrant pink berries which open up to reveal bright orange seeds.  The seeds are poisonous, but not to birds, who love them.  The leaves turn glorious colours in the autumn.  Particularly good on chalky soil.

Bare-root plants are available at 40-60 cm or 60-90 cm size.


PLEASE NOTE: Minimum order for Hedgerow Plants is 30 plants.  (This could be 10 each of 3 different species.)  If ordering in addition to a Hedgerow Collection, then any number can be ordered. Plants despatched mid-November to March.

For protection from rabbits, use our spiral guards and canes.

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Spindle is an under-appreciated native shrub/tree...

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