Snowdrop bulbs in the green

Latin name: Galanthus nivalis
Plant height: 10-25cm
Position: Semi-shade, Shade
Soil Type/Habitat: Damp, Dry
Food source: Nectar, Pollen
Flowering times: January-March
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for 10 bulbs
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Snowdrops usually have two dark green leaves to each stem with a single white nodding flower.  The three outer sepals are white and the shorter inner petals are white with a green tip.  They form clumps.

Snowdrops have an important role in the landscape because of their very early flowering and ability to colonise woodland and hedgerows - they are a source of pollen for bees when there is little else around.  They can also feature in grassland, particularly under dappled shade.

In a flowering lawn cutting can commence after the plant has died back.

Easy to plant, as with most bulbs you should plant them at 2.5 to 3 times their depth.


BULBS ARE USUALLY DESPATCHED WITHIN 1 WEEK BUT PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 2-3 WEEKS. Despatches will start at the end of January.

Our minimum order quantity is 50 bulbs, but it can be a mix of species.


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